Monday, March 24, 2014

Will Season 4 End With A Ned Stark Moment?

In HBO's Game of Thrones, the first season ended with one of the most shocking moments in television (well, for those of us who hadn't yet read George R.R. Martin's books anyways) when the perceived main character was beheaded.

In the television version of The Walking Dead the main character, Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln has a similar role to Ned Stark. He is in an incredibly rough situation, and has already survived multiple life-threatening situations, all the while remaining a role model for his son, Carl.

Now as what remains of the group converge on Terminus, the audience all know there is going to be a very tense episode ahead that will leave our heads spinning until the Fall, when the Walking Dead returns.

We know main characters are going to die. The trailer for the Season 4 finale of The Walking Dead above does little to change our view of that. The message talking about "Community for all" sounds like it's supposed to be a welcome and encouraging greeting, but it's creepy. Even the name 'Terminus' is creepy.

Also, in one (potentially) final lesson from father to son, in the clip above, Rick shows Carl how to set a snare.  We can be pretty sure the irony is that Terminus also a trap the group is headed for too.  Even Joe so much as told that to Daryl.

Rick Grimes at Terminus

At All Things Walking Dead, we think Rick is on the chopping block (and in Terminus that can be particularly grizzly).  The T.V. show has already demonstrated it is fine with getting rid of characters that are still alive in the comic version.

What could be more shocking for fans, and create even more of a buzz for the show, than to have Rick Grimes killed off?  Dale, no; Andrea, no; Rick, for sure.

Just remember folks, we called it.