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Skybound - Official site for The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman

Blogs and Fansites

If the name of this site didn’t already give it away, they talk about The Walking Dead. Everything on this site is written by fans, for fans, and always will be.

The Deadnecks
Please check out our friends ‘The Deadnecks’ at their site here. Another Walking Dead fan site with a great community!

The Walking Dead Fan Club
A fan club for the walking dead plus lot’s more zombie related news

Dead Laughing
A brand new Walking Dead parody/fan art website, check it out!

Walking Dead Locations
For everyone who wants to see real life photographs of the locations used in filming The Walking Dead. It’s a really awesome site, so check it out fans!

For everyone that loves zombies! Check this site out now today, your one stop shop for everything zombie! Brainssss…..

Walking Dead Forums
Forums for The Walking Dead


The Talking Dead Podcast
A podcast dedicated to the AMC TV series The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead ‘Cast
Another podcast dedicated to The Walking Dead, featuring cast member interviews, episode reviews, and tons more zombie fun!

Walking Dead TV Podcast
Another podcast dedicated to The Walking Dead