Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Robert Kirkman Hints at Season 6

Robert Kirkman Hints at Season 6

The Walking Dead writer and Executive Producer, Robert Kirkman discussed the show’s future with AMC President Charlie Collier and TV's Glenn, Stephen Yeun at the 2015 National Association of Broadcasters Show earlier this week.

Season 6 will be more about the threat of Walkers, hinted Kirkman, "It's taking us back to a time when the walking dead were much more dangerous and a much more ever-present threat." Comic readers might be happy to expect the No Way Out story line.

According to Kirkman, The Walking Dead is also about to get a lot more of Rick and Morgan. In trademark Walking Dead pre-show hinting style, Kirkman provided few actual details about the upcoming sixth season of the show, but he said the dynamic between those two characters that was set up at the end of last season will carry throughout the next.

“Having Rick and Morgan together, finally, again is a huge deal, and it’s definitely going to be a big part of Season 6,” Kirkman said.

“Now it’s a very different Rick and a very different Morgan who are going to have a completely different relationship,” he added. “And it’s the questions of how they’re going to interact, how they’re going to work together — if they’re going to work together — and what comes from those interactions is going to be basically the spine of season six.”

There is no word yet if Lennie James, who plays Morgan, will be a season regular next year, but this may be an indication.

Rick and Morgan

Kirkman also teased “a lot of cool stuff” with Yeun’s character Glenn in the upcoming season, which may or may not involve killing off the fan favorite. Both men played coy when it came to the possibility of saying goodbye to yet another beloved “Walking Dead” character.

“We don’t kill the popular characters,” Kirkman joked, to a chorus of laughter in the room.
“If I go — that could happen,” Yeun said, adding that he’s felt lucky to be a part of the phenomenon.
If Glenn does die, it’s a pretty safe bet he won’t go down without a fight.

“The way that we make the show — the writers and everybody really want to focus on making things poignant and purposeful and meaningful,” Yeun said. “So if it were for Glenn to go, then it’s probably going to be awesome.”

If Glenn makes it past Season 6, Kirkman and Collier are both fairly confident that The Walking Dead is a series that could live on for years to come.

“This isn’t the kind of show where the creative team is going to say, ‘It’s important to us that we end it here,'” Kirkman said. “The story that we’re trying to tell is so big, and the framework is set in the comics — I’m producing more than 12 issues a year. All of that stuff is stuff that we would like to someday adapt into the show.”

“Our long-term goal was to tell this unrealistically massive huge story, so by going season after season after season, we actually are maintaining the integrity of what we originally set out to do,” Kirkman added. “So I think there’s a possibility to go for many, many years.”

“I do think the evolution of this story and how fresh it becomes, and how real it is … and relatable, makes it something that can go for a long while,” the AMC president said.

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